Monticello Napa Valley: A Guide to the Winery and Its Wines

Monticello Napa Valley is a renowned winery located in the heart of Napa Valley, California. The winery was founded in 1970 by Jay Corley, who had a dream of creating the finest wines in California. Today, Monticello is known for its exceptional wines, beautiful vineyards, and rich history.

Monticello's philosophy is that great wines begin in the vineyards and are refined in the cellar. The winery's estate vineyards span the length of Napa Valley and are carefully tended by the Corley family to produce the highest quality grapes. Monticello offers a wide variety of wines, including Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, and more. The winery's flagship wine is the Monticello Estate Cabernet Sauvignon, which is made from the finest grapes grown on the estate vineyards.

Monticello Napa Valley is a must-visit destination for wine lovers. Visitors can tour the winery, taste the exceptional wines, and learn about the rich history of the Corley family and their winemaking traditions. With its stunning vineyards, exceptional wines, and welcoming atmosphere, Monticello Napa Valley is a true gem in the heart of California's wine country.

History of Monticello in Napa Valley

Monticello is a former town in Napa County, California, that was established within Rancho Las Putas, a Mexican land grant of 35,516 acres. The site of the settlement is now completely covered by Lake Berryessa. The valley floor was once covered with dry-farmed wheat and barley fields, with some orchards and vineyards.

Founding by Jay Corley

In 1969, Jay Corley arrived in the Napa Valley in search of land to handcraft exceptional wines. He acquired a Prohibition-era prune orchard and established Monticello in 1970. Jay named Monticello after Thomas Jefferson's Virginia home and modeled the winery estate house after Jefferson's.

Corley Family Legacy

Jay Corley's family continues to operate Monticello Vineyards and produce fine wines. The winery estate house is still a tribute to Thomas Jefferson's style and is open to the public for tastings and tours. The Corley family legacy continues with the second and third generations of the family managing the winery and vineyards.

The Corley family is dedicated to producing wines that reflect the terroir of the Napa Valley and the family's commitment to excellence. The winery produces a range of wines, including Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Monticello Vineyards is a testament to the Corley family's dedication to quality winemaking and the legacy of Jay Corley's vision.

Monticello Vineyards and Winery

Monticello Vineyards and Winery is a family-owned estate winery located in the heart of Napa Valley. The winery was founded in 1969 by Jay Corley, who had a dream of creating the finest wines in California. Today, the winery is run by his son, Chris Corley, who continues the family tradition of producing estate-grown wines.

Estate Grown Wines

Monticello Vineyards is known for its estate-grown wines, which are made from grapes grown on the winery's 350-acre property. The winery produces a variety of wines, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Merlot. The estate-grown grapes are carefully tended to by the winery's vineyard team, who use sustainable farming practices to ensure the highest quality fruit.

Varietals and Winemaking

Monticello Vineyards produces a range of varietals, each with its own unique flavor profile. The winery's Cabernet Sauvignon is known for its rich, full-bodied flavor, while its Chardonnay is crisp and refreshing. The Pinot Noir is light and delicate, with notes of cherry and spice, while the Merlot is smooth and velvety, with hints of blackberry and plum.

The winery's winemaking process is a combination of traditional and modern techniques. The grapes are hand-picked and sorted, and then fermented in small batches to ensure maximum flavor and complexity. The wines are aged in French oak barrels, which impart a subtle vanilla and spice flavor to the finished product.

The Role of the Winemaker

Chris Corley, the winemaker at Monticello Vineyards, is a fourth-generation winemaker who is passionate about producing high-quality wines. He oversees every aspect of the winemaking process, from the vineyard to the bottle. Chris is known for his innovative approach to winemaking, and he is constantly experimenting with new techniques and varietals to produce the best possible wines.

In conclusion, Monticello Vineyards and Winery is a family-owned estate winery that produces a range of estate-grown wines. The winery is known for its high-quality grapes, innovative winemaking techniques, and the passion of its winemaker, Chris Corley.

Wine Tasting Experience

Monticello Vineyards is a must-visit winery for wine enthusiasts visiting Napa Valley. The winery offers a unique wine tasting experience that combines excellent wines, beautiful surroundings, and friendly staff.

Tasting Room Atmosphere

The tasting room at Monticello Vineyards is spacious and elegant, with a warm and inviting atmosphere. The room features a beautiful fireplace, comfortable seating, and large windows that offer stunning views of the vineyards. The tasting room is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a glass of wine while taking in the beautiful scenery.

Guided Tours and Tastings

Monticello Vineyards offers guided tours and tastings that provide visitors with an in-depth look at the winemaking process. The tours are led by knowledgeable and friendly staff who are passionate about wine and eager to share their knowledge with visitors. During the tour, visitors will learn about the history of the winery, the winemaking process, and the different grape varieties grown on the property.

Reservations and Tasting Fees

Reservations are recommended for all tastings at Monticello Vineyards, including wine club members. The winery offers several tasting options, including the Estate Tasting, which includes four Monticello Estate Grown and Produced Wines from winemaker Chris Corley, for $60 per person. The winery also offers a library tasting, which includes a selection of older vintage wines, for $75 per person.

The tasting fees are reasonable, and visitors are sure to find a wine tasting experience that suits their budget. Overall, the wine tasting experience at Monticello Vineyards is one of the best in Napa Valley, and visitors are sure to leave with a newfound appreciation for the art of winemaking.

Wine Club and Exclusive Offers

Monticello Vineyards offers a wine club membership that provides exclusive access to their limited-production, organically grown, and sustainably produced estate wines. Members receive four shipments of wine per year, which includes a selection of red, white, and rosé wines.

Membership Benefits

Wine club members receive a variety of benefits, including discounts on wine purchases, access to exclusive wine releases, and invitations to members-only events. Members also receive complimentary tastings for up to four people at the winery's tasting room in Napa Valley.

Wine Releases and Promotions

Monticello Vineyards releases a variety of wines throughout the year, including their signature Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and Pinot Noir. Wine club members receive priority access to these wines before they are released to the public.

In addition to exclusive wine releases, the winery offers promotions throughout the year, such as discounts on wine purchases and complimentary shipping on orders of a certain size. Wine club members receive priority access to these promotions and discounts.

Overall, joining the Monticello Vineyards wine club provides a unique opportunity to experience the best of Napa Valley's wines. With exclusive access to limited-production wines and members-only events, wine club members can enjoy the best of what the winery has to offer.

Events and Hospitality

Monticello Napa Valley is not just a vineyard and winery, but also an event space that offers both private and public events. The estate's picturesque grounds and gardens make it an ideal setting for any occasion.

Private and Public Events

Monticello Napa Valley is a perfect venue for private events, such as corporate meetings, team-building events, and private wine tastings. The estate offers several private tasting salons that can accommodate groups of 2 to 20 people. These salons are located in the Monticello Estate House, which offers stunning views of the vineyards and gardens.

For public events, Monticello Napa Valley hosts a variety of events throughout the year, such as wine tastings, food and wine pairings, and live music events. Guests can enjoy the estate's beautiful grounds and gardens while sampling some of the winery's finest wines.

Weddings and Celebrations

Monticello Napa Valley is a popular venue for weddings and other celebrations. The estate's beautiful grounds and gardens provide a romantic and picturesque backdrop for the special day. The winery offers several event spaces that can accommodate both small and large weddings.

The Monticello Estate House is a popular choice for weddings, with its stunning views of the vineyards and gardens. The estate also offers a variety of catering options, from formal sit-down dinners to more casual buffet-style meals.

Overall, Monticello Napa Valley is a versatile event space that offers something for everyone. Whether you are planning a private event or a public celebration, the estate's beautiful grounds and gardens, as well as its exceptional wines, make it an ideal choice.

Visiting Napa Valley

Napa Valley is a world-renowned wine region in California that attracts millions of visitors every year. It is located just an hour north of San Francisco and is home to over 400 wineries. In addition to wine tasting, there are many other attractions and activities to enjoy in the area.

Local Attractions

Visitors to Napa Valley can enjoy a variety of local attractions. One of the most popular is the Napa Valley Wine Train, which offers a scenic tour of the valley while serving gourmet food and wine. Other popular attractions include the Napa Valley Balloons, which offers hot air balloon rides over the valley, and the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone, which offers cooking classes and wine education.

Accommodations and Hotels

There are many hotels and accommodations available in Napa Valley, ranging from budget-friendly options to luxury resorts. Some of the most popular areas to stay in include St. Helena, Yountville, and Rutherford. These areas offer a variety of accommodations, from quaint bed and breakfasts to high-end resorts. Visitors can also choose to stay in Napa itself, which offers a variety of hotels and motels.

When choosing accommodations in Napa Valley, visitors should consider their budget, location preferences, and desired amenities. Many hotels offer wine tasting packages and other special deals, so it's worth doing some research before booking. It's also important to book accommodations well in advance, especially during peak season.

Monticello's Impact and Reputation

Monticello Vineyards has made a name for itself in the Napa Valley wine scene through its commitment to quality and sustainable farming practices. The estate has been producing wines since 1969 and has become a staple of the region due to its high-quality wines and unique philosophy.

Critical Acclaim and Reviews

Monticello Vineyards has received critical acclaim for its wines, with many reviewers praising the estate's commitment to quality and sustainability. Wine Folly notes that Monticello Vineyards produces "elegant and refined" wines that showcase the unique terroir of the Napa Valley. The estate's Cabernet Sauvignon, in particular, has received high praise from critics, with Wine Enthusiast giving the 2014 vintage a score of 90 points.

Sustainable Farming and Philosophy

Monticello Vineyards is committed to sustainable farming practices and has implemented a number of initiatives to reduce its environmental impact. The estate uses cover crops, composting, and natural pest control methods to maintain soil health and reduce the need for chemical inputs. Monticello Vineyards also utilizes solar power to generate electricity and has installed a rainwater collection system to reduce water usage.

The estate's philosophy is centered around creating wines that showcase the unique terroir of the Napa Valley while also maintaining a commitment to sustainability. Monticello Vineyards believes that great wines are made in the vineyard and that the winemaker's role is to guide the grapes through the winemaking process while preserving their natural qualities.

Overall, Monticello Vineyards has established itself as a leader in the Napa Valley wine scene through its commitment to quality and sustainability. The estate's philosophy and sustainable farming practices have helped to set it apart from other wineries in the region, and its wines have received critical acclaim from reviewers and wine enthusiasts alike.

Stay Connected with Monticello

Monticello Napa Valley offers several ways to stay connected with their winery and vineyard. Here are two ways to stay informed with news and updates.

Newsletter and Updates

To stay up-to-date with Monticello's latest news, events, and wine releases, visitors can sign up for their email newsletter. The newsletter is sent out periodically and includes information about upcoming events, wine releases, and special offers. Signing up for the newsletter is quick and easy and can be done on the Monticello Napa Valley website.

Social Media and Online Presence

Monticello Napa Valley is active on several social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They regularly post updates about their wines, events, and news on these platforms. Followers can also interact with Monticello Napa Valley by commenting on their posts and sending direct messages.

In addition to social media, Monticello Napa Valley has a comprehensive website that provides information about their wines, vineyards, and history. Visitors can browse their wine selection, learn about their winemaking process, and even purchase wine online. The website also includes information about their tasting room and events.

Overall, Monticello Napa Valley offers several ways to stay connected with their winery and vineyard. Whether it's through their email newsletter or social media, visitors can stay informed about the latest news and events at Monticello Napa Valley.