Grandview Vineyard: A Guide to Pennsylvania's Premier Winery

Grandview Vineyard is a family-owned winery located in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania. The Kennel family has been growing premium vinifera grapes since 2009 and has become a popular destination for wine tastings, private events, and weddings. The vineyard offers a stunning backdrop of rolling hills and meticulously groomed vines.

Visitors to Grandview Vineyard can enjoy a warm and friendly tasting room and deck that overlooks more than five acres of vineyards. The winery offers premium vinifera grapes, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, and more. Customers have rated Grandview Vineyard 4.2 out of 5 stars and have praised the wine, service, and location.

Grandview Vineyard is an excellent venue for weddings, with a capacity of up to 200 guests. The vineyard has received excellent reviews for its wedding services, with customers praising the team's professionalism and attention to detail. The vineyard offers both peak and off-peak season pricing, with the peak season running from May to October.

History of Grandview Vineyard

Grandview Vineyard is a family-owned and operated winery located in Northern Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The vineyard was established in 2009 when the owners, Bob and Naomi Greenlee, purchased a 5-acre plot of land with the intention of growing grapes and producing wine.

The first vines were planted in 2010, and the vineyard's first harvest was in 2012. Since then, Grandview Vineyard has grown to over 30 acres and produces a variety of award-winning wines.

The vineyard's tasting room was opened in 2014, and it quickly became a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. The tasting room features a rustic, yet elegant, atmosphere and offers visitors the chance to taste and purchase the vineyard's wines.

Grandview Vineyard is committed to sustainable farming practices and uses a combination of organic and conventional methods to grow their grapes. They also work closely with local businesses and organizations to promote the Lancaster County community and support local agriculture.

Overall, Grandview Vineyard has become a beloved destination for wine lovers and a staple of the Lancaster County community. With a dedication to quality and sustainability, the vineyard is sure to continue producing exceptional wines for years to come.

Location and Climate

Geographical Features

Grandview Vineyard is located in Mount Joy, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, in the heart of the rolling hills of northwest Lancaster County. The vineyard is situated on a slope that provides excellent drainage and aeration, which is essential for growing high-quality grapes. The vineyard's location on the slope also provides a panoramic view of the surrounding countryside, adding to the beauty and charm of the vineyard.

Climate Conditions

The climate in Lancaster County is classified as humid continental, which means that the summers are hot and humid, and the winters are cold and snowy. The vineyard's location in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains provides a moderate climate, which is ideal for growing grapes. The vineyard's proximity to the Susquehanna River also helps to moderate the temperature and provide a consistent growing season.

The average annual temperature in Lancaster County is 52 degrees Fahrenheit, with an average high temperature of 63 degrees Fahrenheit and an average low temperature of 41 degrees Fahrenheit. The average annual precipitation is 39 inches, with most of it falling during the growing season. The vineyard's location and climate provide an excellent environment for growing premium vinifera grapes.

In conclusion, Grandview Vineyard's location in the rolling hills of northwest Lancaster County, combined with its moderate climate, provides an ideal environment for growing high-quality grapes. The vineyard's location on a slope and its proximity to the Susquehanna River also contribute to the vineyard's unique character and beauty.

Wine Production

Vineyard Management

Grandview Vineyard is a family-owned vineyard that has been growing premium vinifera grapes since 2009. The vineyard is located amid the rolling hills of northwest Lancaster County. The Kennel family, who owns the vineyard, employs sustainable farming practices to ensure the health and longevity of the vines. They use cover crops, natural fertilizers, and integrated pest management techniques to maintain the health of the soil and the vines.


Harvesting at Grandview Vineyard typically takes place in late September or early October. The grapes are handpicked and sorted to ensure that only the highest quality fruit is used in winemaking. The grapes are then transported to the winery for processing.

Fermentation Process

Grandview Vineyard's winemaker, Scott Haines, oversees the fermentation process. The grapes are crushed and destemmed before being placed into stainless steel tanks for fermentation. The winery uses both native and commercial yeasts, depending on the varietal and desired flavor profile. The fermentation process can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks.


After fermentation is complete, the wine is transferred to oak barrels for aging. The winery uses a combination of French and American oak barrels to impart flavor and complexity to the wine. Once the wine has aged to the desired level, it is bottled and labeled on site. The winery produces a variety of wines, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, and more.

Overall, Grandview Vineyard's commitment to sustainable farming practices and attention to detail in winemaking results in high-quality wines that reflect the unique terroir of Lancaster County.

Wine Varieties

Grandview Vineyard offers a variety of wine types to suit different tastes. They grow premium vinifera grapes, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Chardonnay, among others.

Red Wines

Grandview Vineyard's red wine selection includes Cabernet Sauvignon, Crimson Quartette, and Rose of Pinot Noir. The Cabernet Sauvignon is a dry, full-bodied wine with notes of black cherry and vanilla. Crimson Quartette is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Petit Verdot, with flavors of blackberry and cocoa. Rose of Pinot Noir is a dry, light-bodied wine with hints of strawberry and rose petals.

White Wines

Grandview Vineyard's white wine selection includes Chardonnay, Sun-Kissed, and Sapphire White. The Chardonnay is a dry, full-bodied wine with flavors of green apple and vanilla. Sun-Kissed is a semi-sweet wine with notes of peach and apricot. Sapphire White is a sweet wine with flavors of honey and pear.

Specialty Wines

Grandview Vineyard also offers specialty wines, including their popular Peach Wine and Spiced Apple Wine. The Peach Wine is made with fresh peaches and has a sweet, refreshing taste. The Spiced Apple Wine is made with locally sourced apples and is infused with cinnamon and other spices, giving it a warm, cozy flavor.

Overall, Grandview Vineyard's wine selection offers something for everyone, from dry reds to sweet whites and specialty fruit wines.

Tasting and Tours

Wine Tasting Experience

Grandview Vineyard offers a wine tasting experience that includes five wines for $10 per person, depending on the flight chosen. The tasting room is open daily and provides a warm and friendly atmosphere for patrons to enjoy their wine.

In addition to the standard wine tasting, Grandview Vineyard also offers a Wine, Cheese, & Chocolate Pairing option. This option includes five wines carefully paired with local cheese and chocolate for $14/person. This unique tasting experience allows patrons to explore the different flavors and textures that can be found in wine, cheese, and chocolate.

The tasting room also offers a beautiful view of the surrounding vineyard. Patrons can enjoy their wine on the deck, which overlooks more than 5 acres of meticulously groomed vines.

Vineyard Tours

Grandview Vineyard offers tours of their vineyard, which is located amid the rolling hills of northwest Lancaster County. The tours include a guided walk through the vineyard, where patrons can learn about the different grape varieties that are grown on the property.

The tours also include a visit to the winery, where patrons can see the wine making process in action. The knowledgeable staff provides information about the equipment used in the wine making process, as well as the different techniques that are used to create the different wine varieties.

Vineyard tours are offered on a limited basis, so it is recommended that patrons check the Grandview Vineyard website for tour dates and times. The cost of the tour is $15/person, and reservations are required.

Overall, the wine tasting experience and vineyard tour at Grandview Vineyard provide a unique opportunity for patrons to learn about the wine making process and explore the different flavors and textures that can be found in wine, cheese, and chocolate.

Events and Functions

Winery Events

Grandview Vineyard offers a variety of events throughout the year. These events are designed to provide guests with an opportunity to taste their wines, enjoy live music, and participate in fun activities. The events are open to the public and do not require any reservations. Some of the popular events include:

  • Wine by the Vine: This event is held on Thursdays and features live music, food trucks, and wine tastings. Guests can relax on the deck and enjoy the beautiful views of the vineyard while sipping on their favorite wines.
  • Yoga in the Vineyard: This event is held on the second Thursday of every month. Guests can participate in a yoga class led by a certified instructor and then enjoy a glass of wine on the deck.
  • Trivia Night: This event is held on the first Thursday of every month. Guests can form teams and compete against each other in a trivia contest while enjoying wine and snacks.

Private Functions

Grandview Vineyard is also available for private functions such as weddings, corporate events, and private parties. The vineyard offers a beautiful setting for events and can accommodate up to 150 guests. The venue includes a spacious deck overlooking the vineyard, a tasting room, and a production room. The vineyard also offers catering and bar services, as well as the option to bring in outside vendors.

The vineyard's event coordinator works closely with clients to create a customized event that meets their specific needs and budget. The vineyard's team of experienced professionals ensures that every detail is taken care of, from setting up tables and chairs to providing audiovisual equipment. Grandview Vineyard is the perfect venue for those looking for a unique and memorable event.

Online Store and Delivery

Grandview Vineyard offers an online store for customers to purchase their wines and have them delivered to their doorstep. The online store is convenient for those who cannot visit the vineyard in person or for those who want to send a gift to someone.

Online Shopping

The online store offers a wide variety of wines to choose from, including red, white, and rose wines. Customers can also purchase gift cards and merchandise such as t-shirts and hats. The online shopping process is straightforward and easy to navigate. Customers can add items to their cart and checkout securely with their credit card information.

It is important to note that Grandview Vineyard is currently licensed to ship their wines only in Pennsylvania. Customers outside of Pennsylvania can still purchase merchandise and gift cards, but event tickets will not be shipped. Customers will receive an email receipt that will serve as their ticket for events.

Wine Delivery

Grandview Vineyard offers wine delivery to customers within a certain radius of the vineyard. Customers can check if they are eligible for delivery by entering their zip code on the website. Delivery fees may apply depending on the location.

Delivery times may vary depending on the availability of the wines. Customers can expect their wines to be delivered within a few days after their order has been processed. It is important to note that someone who is at least 21 years old must be present to sign for the delivery.

Overall, Grandview Vineyard's online store and wine delivery options provide a convenient and easy way for customers to enjoy their wines without having to visit the vineyard in person.