Daniel's Vineyard: A Guide to the Winery and Tasting Room

Daniel's Vineyard is a full production winery located in McCordsville, Indiana. It was founded by husband and wife team, Daniel and Kimberly, who were inspired to plant a vineyard after enjoying a bottle of wine in the Tuscan foothills. Upon returning to the states, they set out to turn their dream into a reality. Today, Daniel's Vineyard offers a private wine club and event venue for any occasion, as well as a portfolio of 15 high-quality varieties of wine that are available in the tasting room.

The vineyard's facilities offer a beautiful and functional space for any type of event. The atmosphere of the facility, combined with the panoramic vineyard views rivaling wine country, makes any event at Daniel's Vineyard a special one. The versatile facility can accommodate gatherings from groups of all sizes, making it an ideal venue for weddings, corporate events, and other special occasions.

Visitors to the vineyard can enjoy a wine tasting experience featuring a variety of red, white, and rosé wines. The vineyard also offers private tastings and tours for groups, as well as a wine club membership for those looking to enjoy exclusive access to limited edition wines. Whether you're a wine enthusiast or simply looking for a beautiful venue for your next event, Daniel's Vineyard is a must-visit destination in Indiana.

History of Daniel's Vineyard


Daniel's Family Vineyard and Winery was founded by Daniel and Kimberly Cook in McCordsville, Indiana, in 2010. The idea for the vineyard came after the couple visited several European vineyards and dreamed of starting their own. They purchased a 20-acre property that was previously a cornfield and began planting grapevines.

The Cooks started with just 1,200 grapevines and produced their first wine in 2012. They named their first wine "Frontenac Gris" after the grape variety they used. The wine was well-received, and the Cooks continued to produce more varieties.

Growth and Expansion

Since its founding, Daniel's Vineyard has grown and expanded significantly. The vineyard now spans over 40 acres and produces over 20 varieties of wine. In addition to their award-winning wines, Daniel's Vineyard also offers a variety of events, including live entertainment, wine tastings, and private events.

Daniel's Vineyard has won numerous awards for its wines, including the prestigious Indy International Wine Competition. The vineyard's wines have also been featured in several publications, including Wine Enthusiast and Indianapolis Monthly.

In 2019, Daniel's Vineyard opened a new event center, which includes a tasting room, banquet hall, and outdoor patio. The event center can accommodate up to 300 guests and is available for weddings, corporate events, and other special occasions.

Overall, Daniel's Vineyard has become a beloved destination for wine lovers in Indiana and beyond. With its beautiful vineyard views, award-winning wines, and variety of events, it's no wonder why so many people continue to visit and support this local family vineyard and winery.

Wine Production at Daniel's Vineyard

Grape Varieties

Daniel's Vineyard grows a variety of grapes to produce their high-quality wines. Some of the grape varieties grown at the vineyard include Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Pinot Noir. These grape varieties are carefully selected based on their suitability to the Indiana climate and soil conditions.

Winemaking Process

The winemaking process at Daniel's Vineyard is a carefully crafted and monitored process that ensures the production of high-quality wines. The process starts with the hand-harvesting of the grapes, which are then sorted to remove any unwanted grapes, leaves, or debris. The grapes are then crushed and pressed to extract the juice, which is then transferred to stainless steel tanks for fermentation.

During the fermentation process, the winemakers carefully monitor the temperature and sugar levels to ensure the wine is developing correctly. After fermentation, the wine is aged in oak barrels, which adds flavor and complexity to the wine. The length of time the wine is aged varies depending on the type of wine being produced.

Once the wine is ready, it is bottled and labeled at the vineyard. Daniel's Vineyard produces a wide range of wines, including red, white, and rose wines. Some of the popular wines produced at the vineyard include Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Pinot Noir.

Overall, the winemaking process at Daniel's Vineyard is a careful and meticulous process that results in the production of high-quality wines. The combination of carefully selected grape varieties, skilled winemakers, and attention to detail throughout the winemaking process ensures that each bottle of wine produced at the vineyard is of the highest quality.

Tours and Events at Daniel's Vineyard

Daniel's Vineyard offers a range of tours and events for visitors to enjoy. Whether you're a wine enthusiast or simply looking for a unique experience, there's something for everyone.

Vineyard Tours

Visitors can take a guided tour of the vineyard and learn about the winemaking process from grape to glass. The tour includes a walk through the vineyard and a visit to the production facility where guests can see the winemaking process in action. The knowledgeable guides provide insight into the history of the vineyard and the techniques used to produce their award-winning wines.

Wine Tasting

After the tour, guests can enjoy a wine tasting experience. The winery offers a variety of tasting options, including a flight of their signature wines or a selection of wines paired with cheese and charcuterie. The knowledgeable staff will guide visitors through the tasting, providing information about the wines and answering any questions.


Daniel's Vineyard hosts a variety of events throughout the year, from live music and food trucks to grape stomping and yoga in the vineyard. The events calendar is updated regularly and offers something for everyone. In addition, the vineyard is available for private events, including weddings, corporate events, and other special occasions.

Overall, Daniel's Vineyard offers a unique and memorable experience for visitors. With a range of tours and events, there's always something new to discover. Whether you're a wine connoisseur or simply looking for a fun day out, Daniel's Vineyard is a must-visit destination.

Daniel's Vineyard Community Impact

Local Economy

Daniel's Vineyard is a family-owned winery located in McCordsville, Indiana, near Indianapolis. As a local business, the vineyard has a significant impact on the local economy. The vineyard employs a team of local residents who work in various roles, from winemaking to hospitality and events management.

In addition to providing employment opportunities, Daniel's Vineyard also supports other local businesses. The vineyard sources grapes from local growers, which helps to support the local agricultural industry. The vineyard also partners with local restaurants and catering companies to provide food for events, which helps to support the local food industry.

Charitable Contributions

Daniel's Vineyard is committed to giving back to the community. The vineyard has made charitable contributions to a variety of local organizations, including the Hamilton County Humane Society, the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, and the Indiana Children's Wish Fund.

The vineyard also hosts fundraising events for local organizations. For example, in 2019, Daniel's Vineyard hosted a fundraiser for the Peyton Manning Children's Hospital, which raised over $30,000. The vineyard also hosts a variety of events throughout the year, including charity walks and runs, which help to raise awareness and funds for local causes.

Overall, Daniel's Vineyard has a positive impact on the local community. The vineyard provides employment opportunities, supports local businesses, and gives back to the community through charitable contributions and fundraising events.